Nominating Committee

Becoming a Commissioner to the 226th General Assembly 

Is God calling you to serve as a Commissioner in Salt Lake City in 2024? 

Mission Statement

The Nominating Committee will nominate to the presbytery the names of capable people who are willing to serve in leadership positions in the presbytery and who are within the membership of the Presbytery of Carlisle.
The committee’s membership shall consist of six (6) people; two (2) ministers, two (2) female elders and two (2) male elders; who are knowledgeable of active church members and ministers in the presbytery, their fields of special interest and abilities; are willing to ask people to serve; and  understand presbytery’s “style” as outlined in the guiding principles.
The tasks of the  Nominating Committee include conforming to the relevant provisions of the Book of Order (G-2.0104, G-3.0103 and G-3.0111), and submitting nominations for vacancies occurring as the result of terms expiring and for those vacancies, which occur other than by the expiration of a term.
The Nominating Committee is also responsible for making nominations for the following:

  • moderator and vice-moderator,
  • the chair and other members of the committees of the presbytery except for the Nominating  Committee per the Book of Order (G-9.0801b),
  • members of the Permanent Judicial Commission,
  • additional at-large members of the Coordinating Council, stated clerk, treasurer, representatives  on the Board of Presbyterian Homes, Inc., youth advisory delegate and commissioners to General Assembly, and youth advisory delegate and commissioners to synod.

Also, this committee works as the Coordinating Council directs to recruit people to serve on action and ministry initiative teams.