Presbytery of Carlisle – Special Fee Schedule

The Presbytery of Carlisle has established Minimum Fees for Special Services performed by its constituent churches, pastors and volunteers. Please click here for the 2024 Pulpit Supply Fees.

  1. MODERATING SESSIONS AND CONGREGATIONAL MEETINGS that are not part of the Pastor’s Call
    1. $50.00 per meeting plus mileage to and from the meeting location at the current IRS approved mileage rate. (Effective October 1, 2016)
    1. The minimum fees are as follows: $200.00 for one service, $250.00 in total for two services. In addition mileage to and from the church location(s) at the current IRS approved mileage rate shall be provided. In the case of yoked churches, the fee and mileage shall be apportioned as agreed upon by the church Sessions.
  3. Hospitality Fees for churches who host Presbytery Meetings
    1. Meals- $8.00 charge per person (Effective January 1, 2017) (Collected at the meeting)
    2. Janitorial and Child Care services- $75.00 inclusive
  4. Reimbursement for Presbytery Moderator, Committee/Commission, and Coordinating Council Members
    1. 30 cents per mile (effective November 2009)

Note: IRS regulations indicate that volunteers should consider any reimbursement in excess of 14 cents a mile as taxable income.