About the Presbytery of Carlisle

Presbytery of Carlisle Sign

The Presbytery of Carlisle shares a building with the Synod of the Trinity

Who We Are

The Presbytery of Carlisle serves forty-four congregations located in eight counties in south-central Pennsylvania. Additionally, two of our churches are located outside of our bounds; one in a neighboring county and the other in Maryland. Ours is an area graced with beautiful rivers, creeks and streams, as well as, rolling mountains and lush forests. Beautiful farmlands populate the valleys. A state university and several colleges are in our area. We have been called the sweetest presbytery in the nation because Hershey (Chocolate-town U.S.A.) is within our bounds. Also, Gettysburg National Military Park and our state capital Harrisburg are within our presbytery. We are known as one of the best places in the nation for freshwater fishing. Several ski resorts are found here too. Camping is a popular pastime. Our churches are located in urban, suburban and rural settings. We are home to some larger suburban churches, but many are smaller.

What We Do

Our presbytery is responsible for supporting the mission and government of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  Our denomination is connectional. To that end, our presbytery supports our member congregations in serving together with one another, and as a part of the broader mission of the Synod of the Trinity and General Assembly. We provide leadership and resources that help our congregations to become faithful, Christian witnesses and partners in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Please Visit Us

We extend an invitation to you to visit us. Our office is located at 3040 Market St., Camp Hill, PA, in the same building as the Synod of the Trinity. We hope that the resources here will help to familiarize you with both the presbytery’s and the synod’s ministry and mission. See Map and Directions.

Our Staff

  • The Reverend Cheryl Galan is our Interim Executive Presbyter.
  • Elder James Speedy is our Stated Clerk.
  • Gwenn Egresitz is Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper/Office Services for the Synod of the Trinity, and Bookkeeper for Presbytery of Carlisle.

See the Presbytery of Carlisle Staff page for more information.