Employment Opportunities

Temporary Stated Clerk, Carlisle Presbytery            (20 hours per week, exempt)

The Stated Clerk shall serve as an officer of the presbytery, in fulfillment of the requirements of the Book of Order:  Records the transactions of the presbytery, keeps its rolls of membership and attendance, maintains any required registers, preserves its records, and furnishes extracts from them when required by another council of the church. G-3.0104

The Stated Clerk serves as the parliamentarian to the presbytery and as the secretary of the corporation formed by the presbytery.

Accountability: The Stated Clerk works collaboratively with the (Interim) Executive Presbyter who is head of staff. The Stated Clerk is accountable to the presbytery through the Administration Committee.


Has a strong working knowledge of the Book of Order and serves as primary resource person for questions about and interpretation of the polity of the church.

Is able to guide discernment about flexibility, adaptation, and improvisation within the values and principles of our polity, in order to navigate current needs and realities.

Has a working knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order so as to be able to advise the presbytery Moderator, the Commission on Ministry, the Committee on Preparation for Ministry as well as Moderators and Clerks of Session.

Has strong written and verbal communication skills and organizational abilities.

Has strong interpersonal skills; is able to work collegially with the (Interim) Executive Presbyter, staff, and officers of the presbytery, and the Clerks of Session of the member congregations.

Has comfort with and strong skills in use of technology for communication and reporting.


1.  Works with the Coordinating Council in the planning and implementation of meetings of the presbytery, which ordinarily meets quarterly.

2.  Creates and Maintains the Reports and Records of the presbytery and its entities.

3.  Provides Staff Support to presbytery entities and to Clerks of Session of local congregations.

4.  Serves as a conduit among the Presbytery of Carlisle, Synod of the Trinity and General Assembly of the PCUSA.

Complete list of duties in fulfillment of the role and responsibilities of the Stated Clerk found here. Please email carlislepbyapplicant@gmail.com to apply for the position.