Commission on Ministry

Commission on Ministry Guidelines/Policies/Resources

Continuing Education for Teaching Elders Policy

Exceptions to_Pastoral Calls

Family Leave Policy

IRS Mileage Rates

Manse Inspection

Mentoring Program

Moderators of Sessions Fees

Minimum Terms of Call for Certified Christian Educators  2019

        Minimum Terms of Call for Ministers 2019

Ordination/Installation Guidelines

Pastoral Relationships – (definitions)

Pulpit Supply Fees – Effective 10/1/2016, the Commission on Ministry approved the minimum fee for Pulpit Supply be $150 for one service. If 2 services take place the fee would be $175 total. Additionally, churches are to pay for mileage to and from the church at the current IRS rate.

Pulpit Supply Guidelines for Adding Non-Minister Members

Role of the Commission on Ministry (duties)

Sabbatical Guidelines for Teaching Elders

Sexual Misconduct Policy


Background Disclosure Form (Teaching Elders)

New Member Form (Teaching Elders and Certified Educators)

Terms of Call Reporting Form (2019)

Sexual Misconduct Policy –  Pastors’ Signature Form

Pulpit Supply Application

Resources for Churches Seeking Pastors and Pastor Nominating Committees (PNC)

 Are You Searching for a Pastor? (Resource Booklet for PNCs)

Call Form (contract for installed pastoral position)

Covenant of Agreement (contract for temporary pastoral leadership)

Dissolution of A Pastoral Relationship

Gracious Endings (when a Teaching Elder Retires)

Gracious Partings (when a Teaching Elder Leaves)

Minimum Terms of Call for Ministers 2019

Offerings at Ordination/Installation Services

Steps to Take When A Teaching Elder Retires

Vacancy Check List

Vacancy Dues