Presbytery Meetings

2019 Presbytery Meetings
Information for Presbytery Meeting Hosts

Date MeetingTime Place
5/28/2019 6 PM Highland United Church, Newport
9/24/2019 6 PM  Central Church, Chambersburg
12/3/2019 9:30 AM Presbyterian Congregation, Middletown

Motion Form                     

Board of Pensions Seminar – 4 PM prior to this meeting

Materials for the 5/28/2019 Stated Meeting (posted when available)
  Call for the May 28, 2019 Stated Presbytery Meeting
  Minister Milestones
Stated Clerk
  2018 Presbytery Statistics
  Report of the 2018 Session Records Examination
Coordinating Council Report
  First Reading Bylaw Change re: Meetings
Nominating Committee Report
  Second Reading of Bylaw Change re: Choosing GA Commissioners
Commission on Ministry

Action on the Revision of
Definitions of Pastoral Relationships
Administration Committee
  Treasurer’s Report (2018)
Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Events and Information
Refresh (2019)
Mission News (May 2019)
Lisle Gwynn Garrity – Courage to Say Yes