2022 Presbytery Meetings

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Stated Meeting of the Presbytery
Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Introductory Documents

Call to the Meeting


Nominating Committee

Report Listing Nominees


Administration Committee

Narrative Budget
Line Item Budget
Treasurer’s Report
Funds Report
Committee Report
Report of the Annual Financial Review


Coordinating Council

Proposed Revisions in By-laws
Proposed Revisions in Standings Rules



Proposed By-law Change


Commission on Ministry



Commission on Preparation for Ministry



Administrative Commission

Report of the Special Administrative Review Commission of the Synod
Report and Recommendation of the Carlisle Presbytery AC to Mercersburg


Stated Clerk

Report of the Presbytery Leader for Governance and Congregational Leadership


For Information and Future Reference

Boundary Training



2023 Presbytery Meetings




2/25/23 Saturday Morning Hybrid
4/18/23 Tuesday Evening Meet by Zoom (Action on Amendments from G.A.)
5/2/23 Tuesday Evening Hybrid
9/23/23 Saturday Morning Hybrid
12/5/23 Tuesday Evening Hybrid