Administration Committee

The Administration Committee supports the effective functioning of the Presbytery of Carlisle in the areas of management, property, finance, personnel, and stewardship.

Trustee Responsibilities:

  • Receive requests submitted to the committee by particular churches for permission to sell, lease, or mortgage any real property,
  • Receive gifts and bequests to the presbytery and hold in trust the properties and presbytery funds as the presbytery directs, and
  • Annually receive the churches reports of indebtedness that account for the amounts paid upon such indebtedness during the preceding year.

Financial Responsibilities:

  • Annually propose a Mission and Per Capita Budget for the presbytery’s consideration and approval,
  • Monitor and manage presbytery funds providing timely reporting, as well as, arranging for and completing a review of all financial records and books, and
  • In accordance with presbytery procedures and policies, make decisions regarding presbytery investments.

Stewardship Responsibilities:

  • Promote stewardship and benevolence giving within the presbytery’s churches and their sessions,
  • Provide denominational stewardship resources and host training events, and
  • Make specific requests for annual financial support of presbytery’s mission and program.


  • Provide for the oversight and implementation of personnel policies relating to all presbytery staff and persons employed by the presbytery, and
  • Maintain adequate confidential personnel files for each employee.


  • Monitor and provide for the insurance needs of the presbytery office and any other property the presbytery owns,
  • Assist and advice session regarding liability insurance requirements,
  • Serve as a resource when needed regarding the engagement of legal counsel; may retain legal counsel as deemed necessary,
  • Assist the stated clerk in certifying with the presbytery’s chosen financial institution of the authorized check and transfer of funds signers, and
  • Oversee the work of Lend-A-Hand and approve single item purchases over $5,000.00.