GA Amendments

General Assembly Amendments

What: Vote on 33 Constitutional Amendments
Who: Carlisle Presbytery Teaching Elders and Ruling Elder Commissioners
When: Special Presbytery meeting April 18, 2023
Where: Via Zoom
Why: Because your voice matters!


Recorded March 9 Information Session

March 9 FAQs


Short Informational Videos Linked Below

Introduction 22-G, 22-K, 22-L, 22-O 22-R 22-X and 22-Y
22-A and 22-B
22-H 22-S 22-Z
22-C, 22-M, and 22-N 22-I 22-T 22AA 
22-D 22-J 22-U 22BB
22-E 22-P 22-V 22-CC
22-F 22-Q 22-W 22-DD, 22-EE, 22-FF