Highland United Presbyterian Church

Per Capita Reporting

The following is your church’s specific membership statistic for 2021 for use in completing the Per Capita Commitment and Mission Pledge Form. The per capita assessment for 2023 is noted on the pledge form.

2021 Membership Statistic:  115 members @ $31 each (membership as reported in your 2021 annual GA statistical report)
2023 Per Capita Calculation: $3,565  This total is needed to complete the fillable Per Capita Commitment and Mission Pledge Form


PCUSA Office of the General Assembly Reporting

Annually, the PCUSA Office of the General Assembly asks Clerks of Session to complete statistical forms that are found at oga.pcusa.org/section/churchwide-ministries/stats/. Follow the link “Statistical Reporting & F.A.Q”. on the left side of the page. Then follow “Go to the Online Statistics Entry”. The Security Login page will appear. Enter the User Name and Password provided below in the appropriate fields. Full details on this process are found in an email sent annually, ordinarily at the end of each calendar year.
Note: Only select the “Remember me on this computer” if you are using a private computer. 

User name:  11436
Password:   A6K932!


Finance Statement

2023 Second Quarter Statement
2023 First Quarter Statement
Year-end Statement